New Communication Screen




The new communication and information screen of version 6




Please see the online demo here (and know that the background sounds come right from the center of Brazil – from ALTO PARAISO the only place where I have seen blue and yellow Macaws right from the place where I am working today)



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  1. This is fantastic, Kiran!

    We are in sync again. I have been working lately with the same concept – intention (affirmation/information) combined with action. In my many years of practice I have noticed how some clients cannot benefit just from therapy done to them until they take steps to make changes in the way they live life.

    So “life as medicine” has been on my mind a lot these days, changing the way I work with clients. Finding a resonant activity to set in motion the change a person needs or to re-set the system and help get a person out of outlived habits, is great.

    Also, about the spiritual aspect of healing, our connection with the spiritual world. To me, it is rarely factored in the way people perceive life in general. There is a lot going on in the spiritual field and we don’t have a language or common concept of it yet.

    Together with informational medicine, the reintegration of the spiritual side of our existence can revolutionize the way we deal with our life problems and diseases.

    I can’t wait to see the 6.0 and try it out for a whole new way of approaching cases, exactly in the direction where I see my work going (and that of others, by the way).

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