Setup for electro-sensitive clients


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It is a know but surprising phenomena that in a case of RESONANCE – a very small stimulus will have an enormous effect. This is the ideal of Life to life in RESONANCE with other people around us

with our work and with our SELF. Once this happens we are “In the flow” and with very small input off energy we get stunning effects.

CoRe technology is built on this concept – we do not deliver frequencies that are recorded in books from other people but the CoRe Algorythm finds resonant frequencies “on the fly” or the Bioresonance LaesEr

uses EIGEN-FREQUENCIES to achieve a similar effect.

This resonance effect can sometime be so strong that patients cannot endure the minimum setable Amplitude of 1 Volt ! imagine ONE Volt !

For these people we have now tried one additional setup that works perfect to turn down Amplitude gradually to ZERO


You will need from these 3 items :


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  1. Hi Kiran,
    The SM Pro Audio Nano Patch + Passive Volume Attenuator is a discontinued item, is there a replacement item that can be used instead? Thanks!

    • Hi Sandy,
      We now have a Universal Reducer Cable that can be purchased for that purpose. Please contact me at sonia[@] for other information. Sonia

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