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Overview – Health Navigator products:


1.  CIS CoRe Informational System

The CIS is a software only configuration that allows you to analyze and balance informationally with the client present or at a distance. It includes an extensive database of over 100,000 items grouped by modality from Acupuncture to Physiology, Emotions, Essences, Organs, Veterinary, etc. (see our detailed database description).  It also features the ability to create your own protocols, perform automatic balancing, generate reports, send programmed balancing to your client via the Virtual Doctor and more.

2. CoRe Energy System S1

This system configuration would give you all the software to analyze and balance informationally as with the CIS and adds the ability to imprint remedies to reinforce the long distance treatment,  the ability to balance 2000 Organ parts  and use frequency therapy via sound and electricity up to 20,000Hz with the Single Frequency program, the Health Integrator and stainless steel electrodes and foot  plate.  It also adds a one year subscription to the online reference source ‘Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.’    To the Health Integrator you can add the Plasma Generator to balance with modulated plasma light and color, and hair/veterinary, cosmetic, acupuncture, massage roller electrodes and any of the 7 available magnetic applicators (see below).

3.  CoRe Advanced Energy System S2

The Advanced system provides all the software to analyze and balance informationally as in the CIS and S1 systems, you can imprint remedies, balance 2000 organ parts and perform energetic therapy with Single and DUAL !!! Frequency up to 20,000Hz. With the HEALTH NAVIGATOR Unit you can modify the amplitude according to the sensitivity of the client for electrical output the client can feel.   To the Health Navigator you can add the Plasma Generator to balance with modulated plasma light and color, and hair/veterinary, cosmetic, acupuncture, massage roller electrodes and any of the 7 available magnetic applicators (see below).  In this case the Health Integrator from the S1 system can be used in an additional office, at home or to rent to clients for energetic therapy at home.   The dual Frequency module as well as many advanced software modules of the future will be made only available to S2 owners as this additionally should justify this added investment .

Pulsed Rife TENS laser magnetic frequency therapy

4.  BBR-System  (Bioresonance, Biofield and Rife Therapy System)

This system is the latest addition to our product spectrum – and we believe it is the first you should buy to get into the world of Energy Medicine, for several reasons :

1. This system includes a Bioresonance system that surpasses any other system on the market as it works with actually measurable and experience able energies

2. It allows substances to be programmed with a built in magnetic field generator

3. The Bio-LaesEr allows to combine CoRe generated frequency files or music with client Eigen-frequencies

4. This system  makes it possible to measure  the Biofield of a given client and to record aura-field frequency pattern and use them for electric, magnetic or light therapy

5. The Health Integrator can also be used together with the Single-Frequency CoRe Software as a superior Rife-Frequency device that can amplify and drive applicators for electric, magnetic, light, plasma or laser therapy

6. The dual channel technology makes it possible to outperform conventional Rife therapy by creating client resonant interference pattern

7. And possibly best of all it does not need a software or computer to be operated, no evaluations to be analyzed and thus makes operation of this system easy.

Bioresonance Biroresonanz Biofeedback healing medicine



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  1. Marshall Hornstein on


    Would you please take a look at the website link below and tell me how the CoRe generated frequencies and other frequencies like Rife, etc., relate to the microcurrent frequencies that Dr. McMakin is using in her Frequency Specific Microcurrent practice and trainings. some day I should do an in-depth study of electricity and electrical frequency but until I do I need to have someone explain the differences to me. I know that you prefer client specific frequency application and that does seem logically to be a superior way to go, but Dr. Mcmakin’s frequencies definitely work and I know this from direct experience.

    All my Best to you, Kiran,

    Marshall Hornstein

    Hello Marshall

    he uses a terminology that is not something what a physicist would say – he wants to say that he is using a specific frequency – different then what other stone-age-electricity-applying doctors are doing to just apply – electricity without looking at the frequency they use – its like saying “I invented food-specific eating instead of just eating anything”

    In this naive way of calling what he is doing of course all Rife or Hulda-clark therapy is “Frequency-specific therapy” – the only thing that is worth mentioning is that he is also doing what I see as very important to “use 2 frequencies at the same time” to create an interference – he uses on one channel 13-40 Hz and on the other around 400 HZ

    but all this is far inferior to the CoRe dual channel technology that finds client specific frequencies on both channels


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