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fasting reset
When a computer is stuck it repeats the same sequence of code over and over. Studies have shown that for the average person 97 % of thoughts in a day are a repetition of those of the previous day.
If problems occur this can get worse to a point that one thought is repeated over and over again, which is called “rumination”.   Informational medicine considers it the main cause of disease and application of a RESET the main healing intervention – just as in a stuck computer.

RESET means to put thought back into an initial or fresh state. You know that a night sleep usually does this – problems that were unsolvable or nagging in the evening have either disappeared or found a solution in the morning – so luckily we have one Reset built into every 24 hours.
In a Computer we have various depth of reset, the simplest one is just to restart a program that had problems, a more serious problem needs a Restart of the whole computer and the most serious issues can be solved by updating or re-installing the whole operating system.
The same is the case in real life, many problems disappear just after a good night sleep but disease or other issues that were lingering for a long time need a deeper Reset. If we understand this process, it might allow us to get a new and positive attitude to some phases in our life where circumstances make it necessary to start completely all over.

Reset means to create circumstances that do not allow to continue the stagnant thought pattern and this is what apparently happens with CoRe communications and energetic frequency therapy. Our thoughts are a result of the dominating energetic frequency pattern at a given moment. When we feed new frequencies generated by the CoRe system into the organism or treat with an interfering pattern via Bioresonance therapy our thoughts are put on a different track and this can be sufficient for a complete healing. Going to retreat or hospital can have a healing effect by itself, simply because the person has to leave the familiar environment, meet different people, eat different foods, sleep in another bed, which all has a strong reset effect.

EMDR or travelling reset

The informational shock of being diagnosed with a serious disease can alone have a deeply resetting effect which makes the person open for a new approach to life. This creates a tabula rasa like that of a baby ready for re-programming.
However mostly people are left alone with a diagnosis, because medicine does not understand the great effect and positive or negative potential that such an information can have. At best a person would immediately after the diagnosis have a CoRe, EFT, NLP or another deep informational therapy to restart the thought process in a constructive new way. However this has to happen immediately before the person has time to establish destructive thought pattern in a rumination process.

Every computer needs to be RESET periodically, psychology and medicine has not realized that this also has to happen for human beings. This becomes paramount in an age that presents the challenge of a general informational overload. Many realize this and try provide Reset with enetertainment and vaccation or even extreme sports.

RESET activity
Sleep is a natural reset mechanism, but in our time of high informational load becomes often insufficient to deal with deeper and deeper forms of stagnation, resulting in disease that need new and stronger forms of RESET. Anxieties caused by fixed thought and emotional pattern are such a symptom or bi-polar disorder that has a person alternate between 2 or more fixed approaches to life is another. Allergies that show an inflexible and inappropriate physiological reaction to external stimuli are also a result of informationally being trapped in an infinite loop.

The Labyrinth is an old esoteric symbol and more and more people feel like mice in a wheel. In our culture we do not have natural intermissions anymore that allowed a reset, nights become like days, there are no food or other changes with the seasons, we are instantly connected with all the people we know – meetings with friends that have great reset value are often replaced by virtual encounters.

labyrinth of life creating anxiety fear depression

Coincidentally I am writing this post in Brazil during carnival – which is meant to create a RESET for many people. Medicine has to re-discover the value for methods that get people out of the informational trap that keeps them not only sick but also unhappy and un-creative. Artists have always been aware that a stagnant life-style had a negative effect on their creativity – the CoRe system is designed to break this habit momentum through appropriate frequency therapy and informational communications & also suggests resonant Reset activities for a client :

sleep or communication reset


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  1. Hi Kiran,

    Rumination may be considered as a stuck pattern via the Earth element: Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas of TCM, although this can ‘hide’ in other organs/tissues as well.

    I enjoy your ‘ruminations’ 🙂


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