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Royal Rife Abrams frequency therapy

There is plenty of material on the web for “Royal Rife” so I do not need to replicate this but I want to give you  my personal view of it :

Royal Rife (1888-1971) was a very gifted person and someone who cared and added to science and discovery more than many . Better than any words this is shown in an original movie taken at the Rife-Laboratories and narrated by John Crane (1915-1995)

(the first half is interesting the second half shows how  Rife lost it more and more in microscope additions and the sadness about his lack of success)

Like most scientists he was primarily interested to find and create new things but had difficulties to focus on one line of development. When he first met John Crane in 1950, who should become his co-worker of many years,  he told him about his work on Cancer Cure, besides many other researches. Coincidently Crane at the same time was knowing a woman with Cancer and asked Rife for help.

Rife then, was apparently not even equipped or interested in doing some active work on “Frequency Therapy” anymore and the only thing he could offer to Crane was a broken device that he had stored in his basement from about 15 years earlier

Some people write he had given up his initial work on Frequency Therapy equipment because an AMA (American Medical Association) “conspiracy” that  did not want  his work  to develop as a competition. I consider this the usual “conspiracy” myth that we have today in so many areas, readily consumed by those who need to blame authority.

In fact the Beam Ray Cooperation had only made a handful of machine the 1930ties – without evoking much publicity or being a serious competitor for established medical practices – most doctors in San Diego at this time had not even heard about Rife

In comparison 80 years later we have certainly sold more of our equipment in the USA and are found on the WWW for any search on “Energy Medicine” or even more so for “Informational Medicine” and have received only one kind letter from the FDA asking for an medical registration. Then, about 5 years ago, I replied  to the FDA that we consider all of our products as “spiritual” healing equipment  and that all physical healing reported can only be considered “coincidental” or “Placebo”

and correctly have not heard again from them since.


In fact it was only after the surprise cure of the acquaintant  of John Crane 1950 that impressed Crane so much that he gave up his job as aviation mechanic and started a company to produce these “Rife” machines . However Rife could not even remember the technical details – so they used just the old one he had stored in his basement for 15 years as a sample. And the first trial they made was in 1957 and after  half a year they could only  show that out of 4 cancer patients one had surprisingly recovered and the other 3 had died (all from .

Of course those who want to make a it all like a “suppressed super-healing tool” write that the frequency devices they started building from the 50th onward used frequencies 10 times lower than the “Super-healing tools” of the 30ties – but certainly Rife would not have had such a change allowed if he had seen that the original ones were as successful as they were later said they had been. In fact until Crane revived his interest he had turned his interest to other things.

In 1971 Rife died penniless and not inspired by too many healing stories. Only in 1987 when  “The Cancer Cure That Worked”, became a bestseller, with a lot of support from the “suppressed miracle cure” conspiracy myth he became famous for “frequency cure” – but even in 1993 Hulda Clark in her bestseller “The Cure for all cancers” that heavily borrowed from Rife’s frequency concepts, she did not even mention him in the Index

Of course EGO is a big hazard especially for venerated  researchers like Clark so she was rightfully caught when she  diagnosed  an under-cover investigator of the Indiana Health Department as follows : “…he had the HIV virus, but said that he did not have cancer.” She told the investigator that she could cure his HIV in 3 minutes, but that he would “get it back” unless he committed to returning for six more appointments.

Not only that Hulda Clark died  of Cancer  in 2009 is an indication that there was  a key element missing in this big rush for Rife and Clark Therapy.  Unquestioningly she made many people aware of possibly hazardous elements in their environment and food but also unquestioningly she also overlooked the main lacking supplement in people’s lives which is SELF-connectedness and consequently the lack of connection to the source.

And this was the main lesson that I have learned in these years in the holistic health field, and having probably sold more than anyone.  Holistic health and frequency therapy in particularly have not grown as much as they could, not because they were actively suppressed, but because people come to this with the idea it is a “miracle cure” that does not need any further change on their own and re-affirmed by many practitioners  who are as naïve as them. The fact that the EGO of even very dedicated people like Hulda Clark had taken over and given wrong hopes to people who come with serious or life-threatening conditions was the main reason this could not further develop .

We have not only sold more than most but also have more authentic testimonials on our site

than anyone because of a new basis and more honesty.  I promote that energy healing tools are not founded on  killing bacteria, as is the allopathic healing philosophy or that of many pseudo “holistic” practitioners but by energetic stimulation of Self-healing mechanisms and immunity and ultimately by connection to the SOURCE.

We have seen countless “miracle” healings over the years and every week I get new ones – but I never celebrate myself or our devices – I always ask first “What spiritual or psychological changes have you observed as well” and there are always also significant changes in these fields occurring and for me not as concurrent but as the causative reasons for all the physical changes that have happened. And we do not promote self-treatment – learning to receive help is often a key part of change

Our Vision statement  is not a lie to escape prosecution, it is my reality and even more so the central them of the mission of my life. I see our devices not as physical or energetic healing tools but as a bait from the divine to bring many people back from the great challenge that a serious illness provides – not as they were before but as transformed and better people. Better because the energy and information that is being delivered by the CoRe system and devices is geared towards establishing a greater SENSE of SELF which as such becomes an antenna towards the continuous feeds from the Divine, the SOURCE – GOD.

This mission has now been miraculously put into words by the letter from the Vatican and Cardinal Angelo Sodano.


And for those who still are more impressed by the technical details – here is a summary that shows we can do all that the others can do – and much more :

0 You can create audio frequencies up to 20 000 Hz with the computer integrated sound card
1 You can set fixed therapy durations or you can let the CoRe algorithm find the most resonant individual and total durations
2 Or you can use the optional High Frequency Generator to create frequencies up to 12 MHz
3 … or you can wobble around frequencies if you are one of those who does not believe in “magic numbers”
4 You can use only single frequencies as the traditionalists that hope for a magic bullet
5 …. but you can also use the advanced and unique method of the CoRe system that holds that it is “Interference” between two poles (here-frequencies) that is necessary for health and for which reason we have two eyes and two ears – and to run two frequencies synchronously
6 You can select all physical parameters manually if you are a physics expert or believe what one authority has recommended in a book
7 … and you can record the session and give to the client for home therapy with an mp3 player or more effectively with the Health Integrator (below) or upload it to our virtual doctor site
8 AND DON’T WORRY about the multitude of choices – as long as you do not feel comfortable to choose with this Button CoRe finds the most resonant settings for all options
9 You can use the traditional way of Rife therapy with having only one channel at a time
10 You can use one of the 11 hundred set-up frequency groups based on 50 years of Rife therapy experience – plus you can then combine it with the CoRe functionality to extract the most resonant frequencies out of the selected group and use only the report results for therapy
11 With this button you can choose Binaural treatment
12 And Sound is as important as intervals – here you can choose if you wish to have a pause between each new frequency or have the CoRe find a resonant pause duration
13 Here we combine Rife therapy with the traditional knowledge that certain proportions are harmonic – this creates a very effective interference as one channel contains the resonant frequency and the other channel its resonant harmonic according to the chosen system
14 With the Sequence groups you limit the search for resonant frequencies to numbers that have shown special numerical properties
15 When selecting a group out of the Scale category you add the power of musical proportions to Rife therapy – also a very novel approach
16 Last but not least the Pan-function moves the sound back and forth between the ears or the magnetic, electric or light applicators used providing an experience that makes you feel its effectiveness to move energy in the patients body

and to this you can add :

As I stated above despite all the great new and innovative work of Rife he was a child of the  20th century in which pharmaceuticals had un-doubly some great successes in the eradication of diseases built on the destruction of bacteria and viruses that caused (or better helped to sustain) them. So we can understand that he explained successes with frequency therapy in a similar fashion by the “killing of micro-organisms”. We know  that Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi are the result of a disturbed milieu and not the cause of disease originally.

Also something  that was missing in Rife’s work was the understanding that humans are very complex and that there are probably thousands of individual types based on different biochemical and energetic combinations that make it impossible or very unlikely that the same frequency would help different people only because they show similar symptoms – this is the allopathic approach.

At Health Navigator LLC we made the next step in the evolution of energy medicine in the understanding that firstly the body,  just like your emotional self,  needs a constant feedback , for that reason you look in a mirror or in our age in the message box of your cellphone/  e-mail/ face-book wall – and each time you get a personal message it acts like a feedback – observe how hungry we are for this feedback.

On the biochemical level we have seen that Eigen-blood or Eigen-urine and nowadays Eigen-cell therapy (also called Stem-cell therapy) has  tremendous therapeutic success but we have added to this list the energetic  Eigen-Frequency therapy with the Bioresonance LaesEr. Given the great success stories that already have come in we are positive  that it is the next step of Rife therapy. We know that when we want to transplant cells and tissues we best take those from the patient himself – likewise if we want to treat with frequencies those where he will be most responsive and least  responding with a rejection are his own frequency pattern.

PS: with the Bio-LaesEr it is not only possible do Eigen-frequency therapy but also to use these frequencies as carrier for traditional Rife-frequencies :

1 Measure body signal or bio-field
2 Select signal amplification
3 Set  proportion between Eigen-Frequency as carrier wave and the information wave coming from the CoRe system or other audio source
4 Choose between Therapy or Diagnostic mode and the ELF Extreme Low Field setting
5 Well to modulate substrate – preferably water alcohol mixture with  metal colloid addition
6 Switch between Allopathic (inverted signal) and Homeopathic mode (in phase signal)
7 The Monitor output at the back allows to monitor ECG and EEG signals on the PC
8 Connection for 2 channels of magnetic applicators
9 Connection for 2 channels of electric applicators
10 Dual channel LED Infrared applicator or LED glasses
11 Laser output for Acupuncture applicator



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Inergetix Founder Born on 1962 in Stuttgart/Germany, Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp Munich.


  1. dear
    Please your price for the device
    Thank You

    Dear Dr Dror

    thank you for your interest in the Biofeedback BEaMEr.

    As I wrote there are still some details to improve until it is ready for production.

    The BEaMEr is independent of other CoRe products but it is complementary in many ways

    as the Therapist can upload with the virtual doctor module in the CoRe program – frequency files to our site


    which the patient then can download and load on the BEaMEr

    But we are also planning a different site where the user can himself create Frequency downloads

    according tot he CoRe algorithm and then pay with paypal for each client specific treatment file he generated.

    I guess the BEaMEr will be available in 2-3 month please sign up for the notification and additional information here

    Please use the same e-mail address at which you receive the Forum notifications – so you do not get mailings twice.

    Also this is a crucial point to get involved in building a distribution network

    possibly based on network or related marketing

    If you have interest in this and have ideas or even experience how to start this – please contact me

    With no other post I had this amount of positive feedback – which indicates that this will be a great success.

    thank you for your feedback


  2. Kiran: Would the use of one or more of these devices help a stroke victim? My right side, especially the right arm is stiff and my fingers do not work well such as buttoning a shirt. And my right leg is stiff and I have a partially dropped right foot. I’m under the impression these devices work well with pain but how about stroke rehabilitation?

    • Hello James

      my philosophy, which is the basis of the CoRe system, that has been verified with hundreds of cases :

      You are not a “victim” of some disease but disease is a necessary message or trigger to change something in your life.
      As long as you feel a “victim” you are not open for the direction in which this disease wants you to move.

      CoRe supplies the informational and energetic impulse to make this change easier. As disease is not “caused” by pathogens, toxins, or a weak heart or a clocked artery but as these are only facilitators or physical by-products, it does not matter what disease you have, what matters is the degree of motivation you have, to make a change in your life and CoRe will help in this process and the disease will then just disappear as well.


  3. Juan Siemens on

    Very interest article, I agree with all what you say, there are too many people claiming for miracle cure in Rife and Clark frequency machines, but the healing is a compendium of many faces that opens you to a main source. If the patient is not able to connect spiritually to this source the healling process will stop in a point.

    Kiran’s comment : its such a New Age idea that “if my great technology or healing method did not work it can only be that the client is blocking it, that he is not ready for it, that he is self-sabotaging, that he is not able to spiritually make the necessary changes, that he does not want to hear the message that the disease wants him to hear….” BUT certainly it is not the incompetence of the healer or the fake nature of the devices he uses.

  4. As a patient of Dr. Hulda Clark in 1999 I demonstrated to her that I could cure Salmonella in 5 days by using a Dual Frequency Zapper. She was very suprised when she tested me on the 5th day with her Syncrometer and discovered that the Salmonella that was diagnossed on day 1 was gone on day 5. I had tried to tell her about my self treatment but she apparently was too busy to listen to me. On day 5 she called me when her driver had returned me to the Seaside Hotel in Chula Vista CA and exclaimed “Albert what have you done to eliminate the Salmonella?” My response was “What Salmonella?” She then asked “Dont you know I operate a Salmonella Clinic?” My answer was “NO” She then told me about her diagnossis on day 1 and said that she could only reduce Salmonella symptoms but I had completely eleminated the disease and she wanted to know exactly how I had performed this ‘miracle’. I explained that I had followed the instructions in her book Syncro eter Science Laboratory Manual but I used two Zappers set at different frequencies. I told her the frequencies for Salmonella but I do not know if she was sucessful in her in conversion of her single frequency Zapper into Dual Frequency operation, because that was the last time I talked to her before her death in 2009. At age 88 I am still trying to upgrade the Syncrometer and I would like to do experimental work for all other diseases but I live with my brother and he thinks that Dr. Clark was using Psychic methods to cure disease. So I would like to move where I can freely work on what I like to do. My address is 2784 Ave. G. Ingleside, Texas 78362 phone 361 775 1070.

    Kiran’s comment : Yes with dual frequencies, which is the basis of CoRe, you create an interferencel between the two and difference in potential is needed for anything to happen – only when there is a potential difference energy flows and this is why we need woman in the world to get the interference to make energy flow – imagine how sick the world would be with only men around

    • Gordon Telfer on

      hello there albert,
      i’am very interested to know what frequencys you were using to knock out the salmonella in 5 days and how many times a day did you zap and for how long ??
      was the experiment on page 101 of the syncrometer science lab manual or further along ??
      maybe we would need a rife machine that runs a carrier frequency ??
      would really like to here your work on the syncrometer as well, if you care to share, it’s a pity that it has been left abandoned, at the auto resanonce stage.
      the F scan 2 with it’s dirp program is a great idear for diagnosis but the cost of the machine is almost
      kind regards Gordon.

      Kiran’s comment : With the CoRe system you do not have to trust radiesthesia with the syncrometer or on something that was benefitial for some disease years ago but it find the frequences for you – client specific

  5. The E mail address is a valid address I checked it today. I have asked Dr. Delbert Edwardson at the Medical Arts Clinic, Aransas Pass Texas to refer me to a Salmonella patient so I can demonstrate my ability to cure Salmonella in 5 days. I treated myself one hour in the morning and one hour before retiring at night while I was under the care of Dr. Hulda R. Clark at her Salmonella Clinic in Tijuana Mexico in 1999. I was staying at the Seaside Hotel in Chuloa Vista CA. Dr. Clark paid for the hotel bill and her driver transported me to and from the clinic. I will use my Dual Frequency Zapper on any Salmonella patient that is under the care of Dr. Edwardwon if he give me permission to do so, free of charge. Albert O. Smith

  6. Hello,

    I have a local drug store that uses a “rife machine” I am very interested in learning more about it. I have tried everything I can think of for my panic attacks and anxiety but nothing has seemed to help. I have checked my heart with Cardiologist, been to a Neurologist, and recently tried Neurofeedback training. I still suffer from panic attacks, and also phobias when driving I have to pull over quite a bit, and while eating sometimes its hard for me to swallow.
    It may be a long shot but I know someone that used this machine for depression, but I am wondering if anyone has had success or knows of an with the help of anxiety/phobia/panic attacks? Also how many sessions does it normally take?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Wow. First of all I’d like to know where local drugstores are using rife~ that is truly a match made in heaven imho and long overdue. Surprising that big pharma would allow it though as rife is a cure. <3 Trouble swallowing, anxiety, & panic attacks may be related to thyroid dysfunction. Those with thyroid trouble are also often gluten intolerant or celiac and hashimoto thyroid can cause this too.

      • Hi Mila,
        I don’t think that RIFE treatments are available in local drugstores. The point Kiran is making here is that frequency treatments like any other type of treatment does not provide the complete answer if the whole person is not taken into account. It is not a matter of destroying this or that pathogen or bacteria but instead, it is about customizing treatment for a particular person from the point of of view of body, mind and emotions. Frequency therapy can also be customized not to the disease or pathogen but to the individual. The cure for one person is not the cure for another. I hope that helps, Sonia

  7. Peter Nekeresd on

    In the last 10 years red most of what is available about rife machines, and found all are different fom what Rife was doing (any of them can give some benefit, at least one of tham can cause side effects) I will build one when I find the information what looks like of his work.
    Hulda Clark IN HER bOOK GAVE A “LAYMAN’S design and that is the gadget is capable operating on about 1/10 of the bacteria frequencies, and giving out about 3volts what is hardly go through the skin resistance.
    if you can build one, tune between 390–400 Khz and 75/25 % wave ratio, and use 2 batteries and 2K ohm output resistor! It saved my life, a few times in the past 15 years when got serious infectins –and also my wife’s as she is allergic to wasp, and bee.
    Killing pathogens is one thing, but get well need nutrients, and clensing your body Phisicallyand try not to defeat the healer.(sayig :does not work)

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