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What is the cause of healing or a happy life ?

For the last hundred years and possibly always, the answer to this was to consider some kind of “material” as the cause – be it a remedy, good food, non-toxic environment, money, a beautiful spouse, lovely children…

Now New Age with the “Law of attraction” believes to have uncovered a hidden SECRET – “Not matter is the cause  but your intent” in short – with your intent you can materialize whatever you wish – you just have to believe enough and not self-sabotage yourself with dis-believe. Most people do not realize that this is the common religious approach, only with the difference that it is not God that will provide but your own SELF or the Universe (so when it actually materializes you can congratulate only yourself, no gratefulness necessary to anybody andwhen it does not, there is only you to blame)

However at the beginning of our western culture of thought with Plato and Socrates was the concept that there are “necessary” causes and “final” causes and that is essential but difficult to learn to distinguish and realize both.

“Necessary”, could also have been translated as apparent/ secondary/ superficial/ obvious… and “final” could be understood as time-independent/ original/future/ purpose primary cause.

This philosophy is called “Teleology”, not to be confused with “Theology”

Since the Novum Organum of Francis Bacon teleological explanations in science tend to be deliberately avoided because whether they are true or false is argued to be beyond the ability of human perception and understanding to judge. This is now the basis of our culture that holds that not only it is impossible to know what is the “final” cause or “purpose” of anything but that in fact it is different for everyone and anything and all are good and true.

This concept is so deeply ingrained in our thinking that even holistic medicine practitioners rarely put much thought in this direction. For a complementary medicine therapist it is just as for a conventional doctor mainly important to find the cause of the illness in what happened in the past, be it an accident, a childhood trauma, exposure to toxins, wrong diet and many more of this kind or “causes”.

What is common to both is the assumption that causes might be certainly in the past and not in the future, as hold in Teleology. Now just imagine what a revolutionary concept that there might be something in the future that is more than a vision or a target reference point, but something like a magnet that you will only meet in the future but that already at the present moment if you connect to it in the proper way will have an effect on your momentary life and accelerate it in this direction.

This “magnet” is not just a wish, or desire as taught in the “Law of Attraction” but an informational pattern that fits exactly YOU something that fits you like the “shoe of cinderella” something that will transform your life in a magical way.

This is the link that is missing in the SECRET – it is not just about wishing one or another thing is is in fact the finding of the shoe-that-fits-you. Mostly other people that know you, know you better than yourself, this is so because we are blind to our own limitations and possibilities, therefore we go to a therapist to help us or ask a friend for advice. However as all therapist and friends are locked into their own informational world to a certain degree this advice will always be very subjective.

And more than that it is not so much about finding the shoe, or getting what you want but using it to act as a magnet in your life and accelerate your journey. As they say “Life is not about arriving but about the way with all its transformative experiences.”

Most goals of people do not exist in the matrix or they do not fit them and thus will never have a magnetic effect on them, no matter how much they try. This is the reason why so many go from one disappointment to the next – trying so hard, believing in the Law-of-attraction and ending disappointed and blaming themselves.

Also in healing, many try so many remedies and healing techniques and still do not get better because they have never thought at the possibility that there is a definite goal for them that waits for them to be realized and just as for their physical birth two very definite  people had to meet and mate so also for his second birth towards his life realization one has to connect to a very specific target in the future, or more specifically outside of time – in the informational matrix.

As you can see in the above animation one has to be twisted in every possible way to extract this essence, this amrit. And at different times it may take different names and forms but it is always the same shoe. In the example above for me it is “Re-confirmation” and I know what this means for me and I know that it is the energy of  “disappointment” that I need to transform with this “shoe” in mind and not wait this energy for example in energy.

The intent function on the communication screen is the tool towards this purpose it gives the understanding what is the “shoe” that the client needs to focus on in order to use its magnetic powers to propel him through the current difficulties and more importantly – in order to make the tribulations beneficial for his evolution.

This function provides the previous possibility to add the therapists suggestions that we have re-introduced back because of the with of some therapists here in Brazil.

This function is available for all builts 514 and higher for fee download at





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  1. Stephen Murphy on


    Thanks for adding the power of focused intent to V6 to help “ring out the essence” from our treatments and find the narrow healing path.

    Coincidentally, I watched the film “Quid Pro Quo” with Nick Stahl on Netflix last month and was immediately reminded of the The CoRe concepts of DLE, specific intent, embracing conflict and disappointment, etc. From the perspective of the informational matrix, this well written movie nailed it for me. There’s a 10 year old boy, an auto accident where he loses his parents and ability to walk. They pick up his life 20 years later at an inevitable crisis point. There’s a magical shoe involved, actually a pair of patent leather shoes. He embarks (from his wheelchair) on a mission questioning the motives of others but he can’t see himself. The metaphors are staggering while the protagonist dramatizes the limitations we all must endure and strive to transcend. If I hadn’t a paper due Monday, I’d give you the full analysis but thankfully a solid film saves me a thousand words.

    Also, and more importantly, thank you for the CoRe; it is a true spirit machine. Repeated sessions have resulted (in myself and others) in a re established connection to the source, to the Self, to God. Bad information is so toxic and continually separates us while the CoRe’s good information has the focused intent of creating oneness.

    Thank you for your outstanding work.

    Stephen Murphy

    Kiran’s comment:

    Thank you for your appreciation and sharing of insight
    Almost all change and transformation occurs only when you are pushed and something “squeezes” you (see the above animation) to get you to realize your potential. In most fairy tales this push is usually hidden in some form of symbol – the “glass shoe” of cinderella, excalibur, the rabbit hole of Alice or the parting of the waters of Moses before reaching the promised land.
    I have been squeezed to the max and I know the old illusion that there will be a time where you are out of the DLE in an eternal state of bliss is just an invention. Transformers need polarities but the moment it happens its like a “magical shoe that fits” and you know all the struggle you went through and you will continue to go through is nothing in comparison – just wrote this about the same topic

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