Lyme – Borrelia – AIDS – AUTISM – ADHD

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  1. Ati Petrov says:

    I find this theme very interesting indeed! We live in times where our materialistic view of the world is being tested all the time and yet it is so deeply entrenched in our psyche that even holistic and progressive people keep falling into the trap of seeking linear physical confirmation of ALL phenomena we encounter.
    The CoRe will challenge and test the practitioner all the time precisely with such “inconsistencies” like looking for confirmation of a diagnosis or the allergen or pathogen that the person physically has.
    To me, we are thinking with only half of an equation in mind and we have no stable understanding of the other half – the phenomena in the informational and spiritual fields. Even energy is used in very materialistic terms, as if we were kneading plasticine and not dealing with force fields and currents of different forms of energy.
    This is a vast area for exploration and a very difficult one to talk about because of the lack of common terminology (and in many cases – there is NO terminology to describe phenomena we are not even aware about!).
    As to the example with Lyme disease – I once went to a presentation on Lyme by a knowledgeable person and I heard that any symptom can be a sign of Lyme, pretty much – pages of symptoms were listed as “typical” of Lyme and based on that… we were all supposedly infected and we just did not know it yet!
    (On another note, I heard a similar lecture, but on celiac disease, and again – we all have it and all possible symptoms indicate it is celiac that we have).
    This brought home to me the fact that most of our problems are in our mind and the limitations of our knowledge. The first step to move away from such erroneous thinking is to consider the possibility you may be wrong and limited in your capability to see further…most of us forget we have limitations.
    DLE – the tension between the need for a foundation of knowledge to ground us and staying open to receiving new knowledge, not taking anything as dogma!

  2. Debora Marcusso says:

    Kiran and I were having a conversation this afternoon about Lyme Disease on the way from our hotel to the pier to get a ferry to Koh Phangan in Thailand .

    The subject was brought when we saw a few cows along the road and each one of them had a few “private” birds to clean the ticks on them.
    In Brazil Lyme is almost unknown, which is strange, considering the great number of ticks in rural areas.
    I come from the countryside and when I was a child it was fun for us to get a tick and put it on our body just to see where it would get stuck… and we were not afraid because nobody then even talked about Lyme disease. When I turned my t-shirt I had often dozens inside.

    That´s the reality and so far in Brazil, the states of São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Norte and Amazonas have reported only some isolated cases of the disease.
    It was first diagnosed in Brazil in 1992 and has not spread since then.

    Of course the parasites that cause Lyme have come to Brazil like the other USA viruses, but the media have not caught on, so people do not know of this disease and consequently don’t get it – that is one aspect of informational medicine.

    Greetings from Thailand,

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