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Dear Kiran

I  have a problem. I know that the informational part is very important, and that part works wonderful, but for the physical part is too less info or too little acknowledgement.

For instance, I have someone with severe Lyme disease and only once very very down/low  on one of the many results of the CoRe came only one single sign of Lyme. Even when I use only the pathogens it does not give the Lyme or the Co infections that (can) belong to the Lyme.

I can test with electro acupuncture too and someone else did the test with the Asyra computer. Both tests were very positive, and all the symptoms are really related to Lyme,  but the CoRe does not  mentioned it, while it is such a big problem for the person. It is very old infection of Lyme, so it is very hard to cure, I know that.

If it is an emotional problem or just a physical problem is not the issue now, the patient wants to get acknowledgement about his illness.  If someone has had a long denying of the disease by the regular doctors than she also wants to see it at the computer. Than the next step is dealing with it without being a victim.

I can say she is not acting like a victim, she was only happy that in the end, it is not sitting between her ears, as we say in Holland, because she has been told that by the regular doctors.

Now she is happy that she is not faking and I can say she is not handling it as a victim.

Kind regards

Met vriendelijke groet,


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Dear Gre

you rightly say the patient wants an acknowledgement of his disease and – she feels she is a victim of Lyme – and CoRe does not give it to her and I am happy it does not – it is guided by forces that do not want to confirm the victimness of people – its their illusion and it is their dead end

and if you confirm it it makes them more sick .

You say the “informational part of CoRe” works great but there should be given more emphasis on the “physical symptoms”.

You have a cutting-edge technology that comes with an outstanding new philosophy that backs it up – really nothing new but the old holistic talk turned into reality. You and many holistic practitioners used the analogy of the “fuel gage turning red” and how little is achieved if you put a band-aid over the signal-lamp as most allopathic medicine does with drugs that just suppress the indicators (“kill the messenger”).

 But you will say that this analogy does not fit here – Lyme is not “just” symptoms but there is a “real” bacteria in the blood. Your ideas is that “yes I agree symptoms can be the result of mind activity – but not the presence of real Borrelia bacteria”. This confusion comes from the idea that matter in some, maybe most, cases is prior to events and if present is certainly more “real” than “just” information.

In most cases – different than THE SECRET teaches – you are not the creator either of the material facts nor of the information that controls it but you can start to realize that matter and energy is controlled by information and this realization is in fact the purpose of the whole exercise and to the degree you can do it without blaming and explaining you rise to the level of consciousness – its not pain-free, on the contrary, so forget the idea of the blissful observer.

Lyme disease is an expression of our times just like AIDS, ADHD, AUTISM they all express the information “I am sucked by something, I have lost orientation, I do not know where my protecting limits are” – so in order to treat any of these successfully you have to treat these underlying informational reasons – and the CoRe system is the tool for that, it does not get locked in on some secondary effects like the presence of the Borrelia virus but provides the solution – a strengthening of the Sense-of-Self.

[youtube]–Co[/youtube] And I know if you identify a secondary effect as the cause as this Bacteria for example – this makes the disease much stronger. With Electro-dermal Screening like Asyra or Vega testing you diagnose what you believe to be the causes of diseases and I gave up EDS 20 years ago when I realized I could create any readings I wanted, that it was just as “objective” as a pendulum.

The problem of people and this is why they get sick is that they do not have a sense of self and they get a disease to either make them get an artificial victim-sense-of-self or work beyond and become more connected to their SELF

And this is what CoRe and particularly the Bioresonance LaesEr does successfully as you can hear in this video.

so much

from Brazil




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  1. I find this theme very interesting indeed! We live in times where our materialistic view of the world is being tested all the time and yet it is so deeply entrenched in our psyche that even holistic and progressive people keep falling into the trap of seeking linear physical confirmation of ALL phenomena we encounter.
    The CoRe will challenge and test the practitioner all the time precisely with such “inconsistencies” like looking for confirmation of a diagnosis or the allergen or pathogen that the person physically has.
    To me, we are thinking with only half of an equation in mind and we have no stable understanding of the other half – the phenomena in the informational and spiritual fields. Even energy is used in very materialistic terms, as if we were kneading plasticine and not dealing with force fields and currents of different forms of energy.
    This is a vast area for exploration and a very difficult one to talk about because of the lack of common terminology (and in many cases – there is NO terminology to describe phenomena we are not even aware about!).
    As to the example with Lyme disease – I once went to a presentation on Lyme by a knowledgeable person and I heard that any symptom can be a sign of Lyme, pretty much – pages of symptoms were listed as “typical” of Lyme and based on that… we were all supposedly infected and we just did not know it yet!
    (On another note, I heard a similar lecture, but on celiac disease, and again – we all have it and all possible symptoms indicate it is celiac that we have).
    This brought home to me the fact that most of our problems are in our mind and the limitations of our knowledge. The first step to move away from such erroneous thinking is to consider the possibility you may be wrong and limited in your capability to see further…most of us forget we have limitations.
    DLE – the tension between the need for a foundation of knowledge to ground us and staying open to receiving new knowledge, not taking anything as dogma!

  2. Debora Marcusso on

    Kiran and I were having a conversation this afternoon about Lyme Disease on the way from our hotel to the pier to get a ferry to Koh Phangan in Thailand .

    The subject was brought when we saw a few cows along the road and each one of them had a few “private” birds to clean the ticks on them.
    In Brazil Lyme is almost unknown, which is strange, considering the great number of ticks in rural areas.
    I come from the countryside and when I was a child it was fun for us to get a tick and put it on our body just to see where it would get stuck… and we were not afraid because nobody then even talked about Lyme disease. When I turned my t-shirt I had often dozens inside.

    That´s the reality and so far in Brazil, the states of São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Norte and Amazonas have reported only some isolated cases of the disease.
    It was first diagnosed in Brazil in 1992 and has not spread since then.

    Of course the parasites that cause Lyme have come to Brazil like the other USA viruses, but the media have not caught on, so people do not know of this disease and consequently don’t get it – that is one aspect of informational medicine.

    Greetings from Thailand,

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