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Question: Hi Sonia, I have a few questions about the frequency program, can I pick single frequencies from it like 427 K , I have been getting into Hulda Clark a bit. And the one I have is only for specific problems and doesn’t let you pick frequencies, right? As usual, thank you so much for your time. Much love, Anne

Answer:  Hi Anne, The Frequency Program finds resonant frequencies according the pattern of the client, so they are specific to the client. You can’t pick the frequencies, the CoRe algorithm does that. You just need to scan for resonant settings as far as wave and frequency ranges and then broadcast.

The Single Frequency program is based on the research of Raymond Rife and Hulda Clark and it is disease specific, so it gives pre-programmed frequencies for specific diseases. HOWEVER, because you can select various groups of frequencies, for example: all the frequencies for Shingles, CoRe will analyze them all and give you the top 10 resonant frequencies for that client based on the pre-programmed frequencies for Shingles that you have in the software. So, with CoRe you have an advantage over only using a simple RIFE machine, it will test for the most useful frequencies for that person although it is using pre-programmed frequencies.

The Dual Frequency Therapy program is completely resonant and specific to the client and the way they are experiencing a particular condition, so this program is truly holistic.


Question: So does CoRe treat many people at a distance simultaneously?

Hi Sonia, I was told by the CyberScan people that their device can treat at a distance, and 100 people in auto scan at a time. With the Metatron, I have to go into the machine, read the person, and then send out the signal. it’s rather labor intensive. I am interested in a device wherein I can send out multiple signals to multiple people at a distance. I also own the BioPhoton. It has the advantage of being able to do auto scan. But again, only one person at a time.  I am looking for a system that treats many people at a distance simultaneously.     Mary.


Hi Mary,
Treating many people at a distance simultaneously may seem possible for a computer to do in theory but not in practice.
With CoRe you treat/communicate resonant remedies one person at a time, BUT, because the computer can work extremely fast, it would appear that you are treating simultaneously but in reality, one operation is taking place and then another.

With CoRe, you can put many people in treatment automatically for the period of time that you select.  You do a session for each individual that may take from 10-20 min and then set up the automatic communication/balancing.  You can have hundreds of people in their own treatment plan running in the background. So, it can be done automatically but not exactly at the same time.

Each treatment program will use a certain amount of memory.  If many treatments are to be run simultaneously, you will soon run out of memory and your computer will come to a halt.

Another way to treat many people at once would be to enter a group of people as one client.  This would make sense if you are dealing with a  relatively cohesive group of people such as a family, or a group of animals, a herd, an orchard and the like.  We have a way to do that with CoRe selecting different types of clients and generating a unique locator number that connects the treatment to the group/client.

In CoRe we have certain fields to fill in for the client, example:

  • Name:  Jane Smith’s family of six, Joe, Jane, Peter, Paul, Mary, Susan
  • Date of birth: would be date of creation of this group
  • Place/location:  the address where they live (if address doesn’t make sense, a different type of client can be selected like Organization)
    -what is important here is the identifying information for the client (or group), not the name of the fields
  • Filters:  where you list the desired outcome (wishes), OR enter physical,mental/emotional symptoms, OR leave it blank
  • Run evaluations:  you would evaluate various screens to get the top resonant results to use in the balancing.
  • Set up auto-communication/balancing:  select the start and end dates for the treatment.

You can treat a business, a company, an event, a plant or animal or groups of them.
There is a lot of flexibility in the CoRe system as far as types of clients as well as testing panels. The treatment is done automatically once you set it up.
Since the system is open and customizable, you can add your own groups to test and use for balancing as well.

I hope this helps. Sonia Jaramillo

Health Navigator Consultant/Heilkunst Homeopath student



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  1. Dear Sonia and Mary,

    Cyberscan is indeed capable of treating multiple persons simultaneously, it’s not the computer doing this, but the device itself,

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Jeroen,

    We understand that healing is individual, it need to be directed to the particular issues a person experiences. Perhaps general balancing can be done to a group but the main question is how durable are the results, are you getting to the true causes of disease and imbalance in each person. I think that takes more personalized investigation and personalized application of various modalities of treatment. Thanks, Sonia

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