Energetic Medicine

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Disclaimer for users and their clients

Informed Consent of clients that want to be treated with the Health Navigator, Health Integrator or Bio-LaesEr (Here collectively called HN-Devices) I have been informed that my Therapist (your business information here) Is using...

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Biofeedback – BEaMEr

BEaMEr-Biofeedback device is the result of years of observation of  energy medicine and a solution to quite a few of its shortcomings.

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Harmonic DLE Rife Biofeedback

Several new functions in the CoRe Frequency Module allow to combine age old concept of  harmony based on geometry, number systems and proportions found in nature with the very successful scanning algorithm of CoRe – it...

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Multiple sclerosis- cancer – stress testimonials

This is one of my favorite healing transformations – Karyn – now friend and CoRe user http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/karyn-healing-and-transformation/ please contact her if you want to know more karyn.burge@bigpond.com -Also note how the environment changes – it...

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Adolescent Addiction testimonial

Dear Kiran  I have to share with you my experience with my niece treatments with the CoRe (at that time I hadn´t the LaesEr yet). J. is 26 years old, orphan from both parents. We...