Energetic Medicine

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FAQ relating the new Health Integrator

The basic package will include: Health Integrator Hand electrodes of high quality-medical grade stainless steel. Software that allows selection from more than 1000 indications from RIFE research, time tested sets of frequencies that can...

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Intent-Communication module

Life and particularly growth is a constant alternation of processes that turn information into energy and back into information. Sprouting is a great example – a seed is exclusively potential energy in the form...

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Biofeedback – BEaMEr

BEaMEr-Biofeedback device is the result of years of observation of  energy medicine and a solution to quite a few of its shortcomings.

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Testimonials about CoRe 6 software

  Yes, really great!  And that’s an understatement! Thanks so much for all your work, Kiran, and to let us develop our skills through Core6… Magic, joy, and so much relevance! see you soon,...

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Psoriasis testimonial

Photos of the First Session.  10/25/2012   —- versus status now 24/5/2013 This is a client (male, 51 years old) I have been treating him since October 2012. His first visit was on 10/25/2012...

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Intent function in CoRe software

What is the cause of healing or a happy life ? For the last hundred years and possibly always, the answer to this was to consider some kind of “material” as the cause –...