Energetic Medicine

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LaesEr Bioresonance

  What are we actually measuring with the LaesEr ? Why was all Bioresonance exclusively non-energetic and Informational Medicine ? Why is it not necessary to postulate any new forms of energy to explain...

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Disclaimer for users and their clients

Informed Consent of clients that want to be treated with the Health Navigator, Health Integrator or Bio-LaesEr (Here collectively called HN-Devices) I have been informed that my Therapist (your business information here) Is using...

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Quantum Communicator

Since years “high power” magnetic applicators like Papimi have been used by the alternative healing community - although they are anything but holistic.

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CoRe manual and training

Presenting the new CoRe Manual Dear friends I am delighted to announce our new CoRe-Manual. This manual was something I knew we needed desperately – and I would have luckily paid for anyone who...

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Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine

Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine  Are you interested in the emerging field of energetic medicine? Do you wish to gain a foundational knowledge to better understand energetic medicine to help you decide your...