BEaMEr version 4 with iOS/Android interface

please see the latest about the BEaMEr here :



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Matrix Navigator – new software for free download

Rife Bioresoance energy magnetic frequency therapyAfter 8 years of selling hundreds of CoRe system software and hardware components it is my wish to make the essence of this technology available to more people. Continue reading

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Helga Pizzera – LAKEVIEW NATUROPATHIC CLINIC – 18 BEaMEr in 2 month

Helga Pizzera

Hi Kiran,
In my files here in Nova Scotia I have about 2500 patients. Many live far away and drive 2 to 4 hours to come to see me. I see people with many different diseases – lately lots with cancer because of the high success rate I have with the CORE and now the BEaMEr.
Remember the case about Baby STELLA who was born with a 15cm big brain tumor (GLIOBLASTOMA) – the CORE shrunk the tumor in 2 month completely – her dad held the electrodes on the tumor once a week for 15 minutes… Continue reading
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The BEaMEr launch

After almost 2 years of development, I can say I am very happy with the result. The BEaMEr is the smallest device of its kind. With  the BEaMEr you can do all that you could do until now with traditional Rife systems, Zapper, PMFT, duall channel interference TENS, HRV Heartrate Variability, ECG, Infrared Laser – 24/7 – that means it is so portable that you can wear it all the time.

Energy medicine has a great track of success stories and I wanted to built on the expereince with the Health Navigator and the Bioresonance LaesEr from the last 7 years and integrated it into a device that cuts costs and is available for more people all the time.

1. TENS (transcutaneus electric nerve stimulation), PMFT (pulsed magnetic frequency therapy, ligth and infrared LASER light therapy all widely used because of their effectiveness – now they are available in one device

2. Attachable Heartbeat and energy field sensor for Eigen-Frequency therapy

3. Integrated Frequency Generator

but most importantly the possibility to load the client specific frequencies generated

with the CoRe system or the Virtual Doctor website – to be launched later this week.

AND its just different if you have a treatment once a day or 24/7 supported by informational communication – feeling  is believing.

More information here :

We are looking for Distributors, this device that can be used for a wide variety of issues and for home use. Also it can be rented out for short durations by any therapist who wants to bring energetic therapy to every minute of a clients life and thus manyfold his successrate and on the side make some income for device rentals. We can give good quantity discounts, please write about your professional background, if and what you are selling right now or what sales experience you  had in the past. Simply a little more than “I want to become your distributor”

also if  you are connected to an Institution (not just a single therapist of privat user) that has the ability to do clinical studies for a specific health issue and want to test the BEaMEr please contact with details about your professional background, the issue for which you want to do tests, what modalities you are using currrently and why your institution has the capacity to do such a study.

Disclaimer : This philosophy and this technology cannot diagnose, prevent or cure the ultimate reason for sickness at best it can point you in the right direction. More…

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Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine

Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine

 Are you interested in the emerging field of energetic medicine?

Do you wish to gain a foundational knowledge to better understand energetic medicine to help you decide your path with a specific modality?

Do you need a practitioner’s certificate to demonstrate and consolidate your skills and allow you to get professional insurances? Continue reading

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Inergetix Health Navigator International Distributors

Continue reading

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Amazing healing story with the new BEaMEr

See this story – 2 weeks after total rupture of Archilles Tedon – I am already walking without cast and go swimming – this will change the way medicine handles tendon, bone, uscle injuries and all other wounds that need tissue re-growth

Continue reading

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Psoriasis testimonial

Photos of the First Session.  10/25/2012   —- versus status now 24/5/2013
This is a client (male, 51 years old) I have been treating him since October 2012.
His first visit was on 10/25/2012 with large plaques of psoriasis on his back and legs. He has had them since 2006. Continue reading

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Train the heart with the Bioresonance-LaesEr

Please see this revolutionary new application of the Bioresonance-LaesEr here :

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Latest free CoRe update 541 now works with Windows 8

This built has various changes that allow it to work with Windows 8 but also it fixes the issue with the new screen-backgrounds, that some users could not use their own custom screens
Continue reading

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Bio-LaesEr and toothache

I had Litsa, one of the CoRe users here last night… she wanted me to test her unit… which i did and it is ok….. (the new CoRe technicianJ)


I put her on the LaesEr as she wanted to know how to use hers when it arrives


1          She came with a toothache, in 15 minutes the toothache disappeared !!, we have this on video


2          Then she stayed 2 hours and she felt fantastic,,, we have this on video also….


3          She has worked with the Manual, she knows what she is doing now… also on video


Warm Regards



Dr Katherine & Dr Thomas Tassioulas

Australasian Institute of Health & Healing

P.O. Box 6010,  South Vermont

Victoria. 3133   Australia


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Software and hardware installation guide

New software and hardware installation guide – FREE Download

Dr Katherine Tassioulas has been teaching CoRe users how to use the program and applicators for many years now.  This led her to develop and write a training manual that comprises over 600 pages to support CoRe users of all levels.  To preview the manual

To support those that want a shorter version to help with the installation of software and hardware, she has completed a 100 page installation guide.  This will help CoRe users install and connect the program and applicators.

Continue reading

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How best to use the CoRe informational evaluation

1. What are the 2 ways to use the CoRe system ?

2. Why do Eckehard Tolle and others not teach the methods that liberated them ?

3. Why does most meditation and other “calming” techniques delay the attempted result ?

4. How do most holistic practitioners only cover-up the true purpose of disease ?


If you believe that illness comes from some missing supplements, some toxins or some parasites, you just give the remedies and diagnosis given by CoRe, generally it will work as a better patch than that given by most doctors.

However if you – as I – see all illnesses as a source of energy that can get us on the path to liberation from all these imaginaries ideas about our identity, our likes and dislikes, our friends and enemies, our ailments and remedies, you have to use it in a very different way: Continue reading

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3D anatomy module – 13 000 individual body parts in 3D

This module has a degree of sophistication that is superb. Even if you use it without the CoRe system it can teach you so much about the body anatomy. You can view the different body parts together or independently, you can see them from every side, you can zoom in, take them apart in to the smallest details, make individual parts transparent and much more. Continue reading

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Lyme – Borrelia – AIDS – AUTISM – ADHD

Dear Kiran

I  have a problem. I know that the informational part is very important, and that part works wonderful, but for the physical part is too less info or too little acknowledgement.

Continue reading

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OUR 4 main system combinations – can be further customized



1. Bioresonance Biofeedback Rife System BBR 30 % discount – after the discount you own a Bioresonance system at the price of one quarter of a traditional Bioresonance system, AND different than any other you have real and measurable energy output, dual channel technology, magnetic and light applicator in addition  to the conventional electric ones PLUS a magnetic field generator (measurable) for remedy generation. PLUS a built in Heart Rate Variability HRV and a ECG measuring system

2. Our S1 system  provides also dual channel Rife, TENS, ZAPPER, Frequency therapy, you can run all frequencies as traditionally done as electric therapy or once you have the additional applicators you can treat with pulsed magnetic, light or Laser energy. Also we have developed besides the conventional stainless steel electrodes new conductive fabric electrodes that can be easily applied to wrists, head or other parts of the skin. With the S1 comes our complete CoRe version 6 software package called CIS as described under point 4

Continue reading

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Health and perspective needs DLE

We can only see and sense in general because we have two eyes, two ears, two halves of the brain and are in organized on a s stereoscopic principle. The CoRe energetic system is the first system of its kind that takes this into consideration and applies it to the way we design our devices and treatment protocols – all are dual channel to allow for a “stereoscopic stimulation” . Stereoscopic stimulation is the way to create a Dynamic Labile Equilibrium DLE in Mind and Body.

Use the mouse to zoom in and interact – the growing interest in 3D is just an expression of our growing need for Stereoscopic sense stimulation to create the DLE that is necessary to stay healthy in a world that frequently is stuck in one sided, focused and limited vision :


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New Look for CoRe software

I feel that after 2  years working with CoRe 6 some of you might be tired of the interface pictures and CoRe allows you to make your own interface look with only a few clicks. If you understand the power of information I am sure you will not watch the daily news – or do you still do and feel that you are in control what goes deep into your subconscious and manage to feel content and positive. I don’t have a TV or cell phone, nor think it possible that anyone follows the daily news and not get emotionally exhausted. So I  have some time playing with colors and 3D graphics - inspired by the abundance and colors of Brazil,  this is the result – enjoy.

all this will be downloadable with the latest built from next week on – free of charge Continue reading

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Intent function in CoRe software

What is the cause of healing or a happy life ?

For the last hundred years and possibly always, the answer to this was to consider some kind of “material” as the cause – be it a remedy, good food, non-toxic environment, money, a beautiful spouse, lovely children…

Now New Age with the “Law of attraction” believes to have uncovered a hidden SECRET – “Not matter is the cause  but your intent” in short – with your intent you can materialize whatever you wish – you just have to believe enough and not self-sabotage yourself with dis-believe. Most people do not realize that this is the common religious approach, only with the difference that it is not God that will provide but your own SELF or the Universe (so when it actually materializes you can congratulate only yourself, no gratefulness necessary to anybody andwhen it does not, there is only you to blame)

Continue reading

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Experience with the CoRe System in Slovakia by Stanislav Zicho

I’ve been working as the natural therapist and an adviser in nutrition for people suffering obesity and diabetes since 1998. Last 6 years I’ve been co-operating with an Asian company producing alternative medical devises (I was the director of its affiliated company in Bratislava and Nitra). These devises are focused on the improvement of the health condition by applying chiropractic, massage, thermotherapy, acupressure and moxibustion.

Continue reading

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