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Psoriasis testimonial

Photos of the First Session.  10/25/2012   —- versus status now 24/5/2013 This is a client (male, 51 years old) I have been treating him since October 2012. His first visit was on 10/25/2012...

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Health and perspective needs DLE

We can only see and sense in general because we have two eyes, two ears, two halves of the brain and are in organized on a s stereoscopic principle. The CoRe energetic system is the first...

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Disclaimer for users and their clients

Informed Consent of clients that want to be treated with the Health Navigator, Health Integrator or Bio-LaesEr (Here collectively called HN-Devices) I have been informed that my Therapist (your business information here) Is using...

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Biofeedback – BEaMEr

BEaMEr-Biofeedback device is the result of years of observation of  energy medicine and a solution to quite a few of its shortcomings.

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Testimonials about CoRe 6 software

  Yes, really great!  And that’s an understatement! Thanks so much for all your work, Kiran, and to let us develop our skills through Core6… Magic, joy, and so much relevance! see you soon,...

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CoRe manual and training

Presenting the new CoRe Manual Dear friends I am delighted to announce our new CoRe-Manual. This manual was something I knew we needed desperately – and I would have luckily paid for anyone who...


Health Integrator 2nd Generation

The first 100 Health Integrator will be ready for delivery beginning of December – those who already ordered, please have a little bit more patience and know that you will get a device much...

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Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine

Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine  Are you interested in the emerging field of energetic medicine? Do you wish to gain a foundational knowledge to better understand energetic medicine to help you decide your...