Energetic Medicine

Biofeedback - BEaMEr 4

Biofeedback – BEaMEr

BEaMEr-Biofeedback device is the result of years of observation of  energy medicine and a solution to quite a few of its shortcomings.

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Adolescent Addiction testimonial

Dear Kiran  I have to share with you my experience with my niece treatments with the CoRe (at that time I hadn´t the LaesEr yet). J. is 26 years old, orphan from both parents. We...

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Intent-Communication module

Life and particularly growth is a constant alternation of processes that turn information into energy and back into information. Sprouting is a great example – a seed is exclusively potential energy in the form...

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Bioresonanz und Biofeld Messung mit dem LaesEr

  Das LaesEr Bioresonanz  system ist erstmals in der Lage die vom Körper abgegriffenen Frequenzen  fühlbar und messbar zu machen  als TENS, Infrarot Licht, Magnetfeld oder dem Softlaser  und natürlich als Audio Signal –...