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Dear Kiran 

I have to share with you my experience with my niece treatments with the CoRe (at that time I hadn´t the LaesEr yet). J. is 26 years old, orphan from both parents. We raised her and her sister. They were coming to live with us a time after their parents passed away.
When they came she was 11, and her sister 14. As the father´s family had a fortune, when they turned 18, they decided to enjoy life, spend money and they left us(the older 3 years before than J.) They decided to live apart from us, because they didn´t want to give justifications of what they were doing in their lives, at least we understood like that, even it was very painful for us. Due to the persons they were surrounding, the elder one started gambling and spent a lot of money and J. started to spend part of her money in drugs, alcohol, anxiolytic and other chemicals, cigarettes and so on. I´ve tried several times to convince her to make treatments , but she always refused because she thought I will discover her addictions. She lost her boyfriend, the job-she is a nurse, and she was in a spiral of self destruction.
When I realized that, or when finally, it was her time to be treated ,I told her to live with me and the first thing I did was to take from her all the medicines(she took 4 different), cigarettes -she smoked 30 a day, half of them with drugs, she used to inhale a chemical , even at the hospital, (the reason why she was fired), etc.
The first month she made a CoRe treatment every other day, she was almost all the time under my supervision, no friends were allowed to see her and I took her car, to avoid her to have close contacts with dealers and bad influences! During 2 months it was very difficult for all my family, (even everybody was engaged in her recovery) because we had to control her, to resist to her accusations and screams, etc.
Everybody, even her, was very surprised with the way she started to recover immediately. She sweat and pi a lot( some of the ways she got rid of the toxins) but she didn´t have side effects due the fact she abruptly stopped the drugs and medicines, as everybody including her, expected.
 I I tell you, I do believe that it was another CoRe miracle, the way she recovered so fast without being in a detox program somewhere else for a long period, as it used to be. For her anxiety, besides the CoRe and EMDR sessions, she took everyday the Rescue Remedy from Bach Flower remedies.
In November(one and a half month after starting the treatment with me, she went with me to Germany to John of God, but surprisingly for me, she had no spiritual surgery.
Last month she decided to go to her house, because she felt secure and completely cured, even I was not so sure that she was ready to be able to deal with the real life without compromising the results.
Now she comes every week, she is addicted to CoRe treatments, has she says, she found a job at the new hospital and met someone special for her! She is completely different, happy, with a new light, even she still smokes some cigarettes ! I am, and she is also too!) very thankful to CoRe, to you and the entities that help her to survive, and rebirth!!!
Dear Alexandra
you are doing very well – what a change from our first meeting here at the Seminar in Brazil and the seminar in Iceland – you are getting the CoRe spirit and connect it with your own very loving spirit – I guess for most it would be a great challenge to adopt children as you did – but then to answer a second DLE like that – with so much compassion is wonderful
and you can see CoRe is the tool to bring people back to an awareness and valuation of their own SELF and all else
will fall in place as it did with your nice



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